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Shift Happens

The video version begins with a guided “metta” meditation, with Rev Brigid’s message starting at 11:00. Following the message, Rev Brigid shares the poem “Because” by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.
The audio version contains just the message.

“The healthiest and most beneficial service flows naturally from spiritual abundance… “What do I want?” shifts to “How can I help?” Doing for others becomes as natural as protecting a child. And as the arms of empathy open wider and wider, the Sanskrit maxim…“the world is one family” becomes a lived reality.
– Philip Goldberg

The intensity of the Love that is now flooding the Earth is flushing out of the shadows of our psyches everything that is contrary to Love and which we had judged ourselves for and tried to drive away. Our task now is to stop doing battle with any of it and make space for it, holding it in all compassion.
– Patricia Pearce


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