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(Messages are in reverse order from most recent to oldest)

Rev. Crystal Muldrow and Guest Speakers, 2017

Love Opened the Door – December 17, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
This Christmas season offers us the opportunity to – like Mary – open the door to Love.

Peace Rocked My World – December 10, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Mary’s world was turned upside down with the appearance of an angel and his message to her, but with extraordinary faith she allowed herself to become a vessel for the Divine.

Living Faith – December 3, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
As we begin the Advent season of preparation for Christmas, let us embrace the steadfast faith of Mary.

Feast Your Eyes on This! – November 26, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
As we embark on another holiday season, let us not only give thanks for what we have, but give to others who may be struggling with this season.

The Altar of Gratitude – November 19, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
In the practice of gratitude we go to the altar within where we are, in effect, altered through that practice; our soul changed and expanded.

The End of the World as We Know It – November 12, 2017, Guest speaker: Rev. Roger Mock
Christians have been awaiting the Second Coming of Christ for over two millennia. What is it really? Does it mean the end of the world?

The Middle – November 5, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
It is difficult to remain in balance in a world of duality, of opposites and extremes. Buddhism offers us the wisdom of following the “Middle Way.”

Lost, Part 2 – October 29, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The Biblical story of Job illustrates a path for us for moving out of the experience of being lost.

Lost, Part 1 – October 22, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
When we are feeling lost, we can first embrace that place of unknowing and see it as a place of Divine Potential.

Trusting the Process Life Presents to You – October 15, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Re-cultivating a fundamental trust in life allows us to experience the freedom and joy that is our birthright.

Spiritual Surrender: Embracing What Is – October 8, 2017, Guest speaker: “Ramananda” John Welshons
John Welshons speaks on the nature of impermanence and the practice of surrendering to Divine will.

Trust in Others Is Trust in Self – October 1, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
When we ourselves are trustworthy in mind, body, spirit and action we invite the trust of others and build trusting relationships.

Making Peace in Its Absence – September 24, 2017, Guest Speaker: Rev. Sam Trumbore
Rev. Sam Trumbore, of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany, speaks on the call to be peacemakers in a turbulent world.

Trust: A Perfectly Imperfect Lif– September 17, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
To overcome our fears and place our trust in God requires that we know God, have a relationship with God. This in turn requires that we make a regular “date” with the Divine.

Trust: It’s Complicated – September 10, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
According to Iyanla Vanzant, in her book, “Trust”, there are four essential kinds of trust: Trust in self, in God, in others and in life. Today we look at the first of these, trust in self.

Little Buddha, Talk 1 – September 3, 2017, Guest speaker: Rob Geyer
Referencing his new book, Little Buddha, Book One, and the spiritual teachings it presents, guest speaker Rob Geyer speaks about the beautiful radiance which we all possess.

The Story of Jesus: One Woman’s Quest to Discover the Truth – August 27, 2017, Guest speaker: Jane Bloom, L.U.T.
In her first Sunday talk, Jane Bloom shares some of her own spiritual odyssey, through the lens of her growing understanding of the person of Jesus.

Being Peace within the Dark – August 20, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We can acknowledge and embrace the darkness without engaging fear and discover the abiding peace at our core.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – August 13, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
To embrace the darkness in our lives and in our world can lead us to a place of spiritual transformation.

Intimacy with the Divine, Part 2 – August 6, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The chaos of the world constantly pulls us from a felt connection with the Divine if we allow it to. How do we find that intimacy again and stay grounded in that peace?

Intimacy with the Divine – July 30, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Do you love God? Can you love God deeper? What’s holding you back?

Your Heart’s Desire – July 23, 2017, Guest speaker: Megon McDonough
Guest speaker and singer-songwriter Megon McDonough gives a message-in-music sermon about her own life’s journey, including inspiration from the Fab Four!

Off the Beaten Path – July 16, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Live from John Boyd Thacher State Park! The blessings and miracles of nature can become lessons for us, cultivating spiritual growth and healing.

Do You Believe in Miracles? – July 9, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
For a miracle to occur we must be in a state of readiness, holding it as a possibility, and then we must recognize it when it manifests.

I Am Free – July 2, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We can shift and change both ourselves and our nation and world if we allow God’s will of good to move in and through us.

Let There Be Peace – June 25, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
How can we experience and manifest peace in a world of turmoil and constant change?

Sacred Father – June 18, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Jesus’ understanding of God as “Abba,” an endearing form of the Aramaic word for Father, brought a new, more personal image of the Divine into Judaism and into the world; one we are still learning to embrace.

I Am Divine – June 11, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
“Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world.” (A Course in Miracles)

Sacred Loss – May 28, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Just as our life is a Divine expression, so are our losses imbued with the abiding presence of the Sacred.

Your Divine Life – May 21, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
If God has created us in light, love and happiness, we can choose to walk that path of Divine Life.

The Divine Mother – May 14, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Delight in yourself as “goddess” – a giver of life like the Creator Goddess Herself.

Do You Talk AT God or TO God? – May 7, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Our words have creative power. They can build up or break down and they impact our lives for better or worse.

Improving Your Serve – April 30, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Beginning with a clever analogy to tennis (or in her case, racket ball), Rev. Crystal gives an inspiring message on serving one another, ending with five steps for putting it into practice.

Follow Me – April 23, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We are called to continue the ministry of Jesus and to fulfill his words to his disciples: “The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these.”

Rejoice! (Easter Sunday) – April 16, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The message of Easter is that we are spirit, free of all lack and limitation, that we are the Christ – not just in potential, but right here and right now.

Sunday of the Passion – April 9, 2017 (Palm Sunday), Rev. Crystal Muldrow
A wonderful metaphysical interpretation of the Palm Sunday story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and how it applies to our lives right here, right now.

You Are an Overcomer – April 2, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Like the lotus, we can rise through the muck and mire of our lives and come into the full expression of our Divine potential, transforming ourselves and transforming the world.

Living the Sabbath – March 26, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
To live the Sabbath is to regularly take time to pull back from our distractions and concerns and “to watch what God is doing when we’re not doing anything.” (Eugene Peterson)

The Fountain of Youth – March 19, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind.

Just My Imagination – March 12, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Through our inherent ability to imagine—to envision something beyond where we are presently—transformation of our consciousness becomes possible.

The Altar – March 5, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The altar is the sacred place where God and man come together, where the human intersects with the Divine. That place resides in each of us and it is up to us to find it.

I Welcome God’s Free Gifts – February 26, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
There is nothing we need to do to earn or deserve God’s grace, which comes to us freely and abundantly. All we need to do is accept it.

God Will Strengthen You – February 19, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Strength, as one of Charles Fillmore’s twelve powers, represents the energy of God within us which frees us from weakness and guides us into greatness when we allow it to flow.

Love’s In Need of Love – February 12, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
It is time to move forward in the strength of love, which has the power to transform our world, to create heaven here on earth.

Beyond Boxes and Boundaries – February 12, 2017, Guest speaker: Rev. Roger Mock
As we continue to dwell in a world of duality, of opposition and separation, when will the day of awakening come – that realization that we are all one?

The Depth and Breadth of Prayer – February 5, 2017, Guest speaker: Dennis Ryan
The deeper nuances of Aramaic, the original language of the New Testament, reveal a more expansive teaching from Jesus on the subject of prayer.

Truth and Love Always Win – January 29, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
What happens when you hear Divine guidance and run the other way? What happens when you surrender to it? An enlightening metaphysical interpretation of the Old Testament Book of Jonah.

Proud to Be Maladjusted – January 22, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Reflecting upon a lesser-known speech by Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Crystal talks about the need to be happily maladjusted to a world of inequality, violence and economic disparity.

Remaining Awake – January 15, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. A call for all of us to remain awake and open to Divine inspiration during our own turbulent, revolutionary times.

God’s Love Manifest in the World, January 8, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Epiphany Sunday celebrates the end of the Christmas season and the manifestation of Christ in the world

White Stone Ceremony, January 1, 2017, Rev. Crystal Muldrow