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(Messages are in reverse order from most recent to oldest)

Rev. Crystal Muldrow and Guest Speakers, 2018

I Am God’s Joy – December 23, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Message for the 4th Sunday of Advent – Jesus came to bring the good news of great joy.

I Am the Love – December 16, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
To choose love is to enable ourselves to give birth to the Divine.

I Am the Foundation of Peace – December 9, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We must be able to find peace amid the chaos if we are to birth the Christ in our own lives.

Walking By Faith – December 2, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Advent calls us to allow faith to be the cornerstone of our lives, enabling us to build upon its strong foundation.

For This I Am Thankful, Level 3 – November 25, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Rev. Crystal discusses the third level of gratitude in which we continually live from a place of overflowing gratefulness.

For This I Am Thankful, Level 2 – November 18, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The second level of gratitude is the most challenging and, ultimately, the most rewarding.

For This I Am Thankful, Level 1 – November 11, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The first of three talks on the theme of Gratitude looks at “Level 1” – the importance of simply saying, “Thank you.”

The Wisdom of the Hourglass – November 4, 2018, Guest speaker: “Ramananda” John Welshons
Embracing aging and change as a spiritual path.

Trick or Treat: Who Are You Showing Up As? – October 30, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We all wear many “masks.” How can we show up as our most authentic selves?

You Are Holy Ground: How to Answer the Call – October 23, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Faith and persistence are required to to move forward into the “promised land” of true freedom from that which has enslaved us.

You Are Holy Ground: The Name of Divinity – October 16, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
God, as “I Am That I Am”, instructs Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery. That Divine Presence within each of us calls us to be agents of freedom as well.

In and Out of the Wilderness – October 9, 2018, Guest Speaker: Rob Geyer
The ego’s voice of fear can keep us in a wilderness of doubt, mistrust and dis-ease. Rob offers us a way out of that maze.

On Holy Ground: Out of Darkness – September 30, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Our spiritual call is to be the light in the darkness.

On Holy Ground – September 23, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
A metaphysical interpretation of the story of Moses and the burning bush shows us the path through our own wilderness.

Watching Our Thoughts – September 16, 2018, Dr. Jon Mundy
Though we cannot stop thinking, we can change our thought patterns to align with the Truth of our being.

Be Gentle With Yourself – September 9, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
To experience true happiness and bliss, it is important to silence negative self criticism and recognize ourselves as manifestations of the divine.

Happiness Has No End: Surrender – September 2, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Surrendering to the experience that is arising right now is the ultimate key to finding bliss.

Happiness Has No End: Who Am I? – August 26, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
When you’re ready to take on a deeper state of bliss in life and be free on all levels, then you are ready to practice Self-Inquiry.

Ernest Through Song: Singing the Words of Ernest Holmes – August 19, 2018, Guest speaker:  Elaine Silver
Elaine shares key teaching of Science of Mind author Ernest Holmes in a music-inspired message.

Happiness Has No End: Like a Child – August 12, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
There is a childlike presence deep inside each of us. That child loves to laugh, play and enjoy the exploration of life in every way.

Happiness Has No End: The Way You Are – August 5, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
What does it feel like to know that you are perfect whole and complete exactly as you are?

Happiness Has No End: Embrace God – July 29, 2018,  Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The very moment you embrace the God Source – the ever-present Divine “is-ness” – is when bliss begins.

Happiness Has No End – July 22, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
With all that is going on in our lives and the world, how can we experience a sublime wholeness — a sense of completeness ? How can we experience lasting joy?

Hearing Voices: Another’s Voice – July 8, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
God answers every prayer, but depends on us to listen to and be open to the answer.

Hearing Voices – July 1, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
When we ask of God in prayer, do we have ears to hear the response?

Play Tag! – June 24, 2018, Guest Speaker: Rev. Ginger Hannah
The God of our being gave us the ability to create our heart’s desires. There is a creative process we can learn to allow our highest good to manifest.

Do You Want to Be Well? – June 17, 2018, Guest Speaker: Rev. John Frederick
Healing and wholeness are our birthright and healing is possible, yet there are subtle ways we may be holding it at bay.

Speak Your Truth – June 10, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
We have the power to change our lives through thought, word and action.

Be a Thought Leader – June 3, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Our human tendency is to allow our thoughts to lead US, but by becoming a Thought Leader in touch with Divine Mind, we can create a life of fullness and abundance.

Life Beyond Death – May 27, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
A stirring talk for Memorial Day about choosing to live life fully from your deepest truth.

Let the Fire Touch You – May 20, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Pentecost Sunday celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ followers after His ascension. When we allow that Christ Consciousness to be expressed in our lives we experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and in our world.

You Are Salty and Burning Brightly – May 13, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
As we allow our inner light to shine we may come up against resistance from others, but perseverance will lead to spiritual growth and evolution.

Ready for Your Truth, Part 2 – May 6, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The deeper nuances of the Aramaic language illuminate the beatitude teachings of Jesus. Part Two.

Ready for Your Truth – April 29, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The deeper nuances of the Aramaic language illuminate the beatitude teachings of Jesus. Part One.

You Are Ripe for these Times – April 22, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
When we examine the Aramaic language employed by Jesus, we can gain much insight on his teachings about good and evil.

Spirit Is Calling – April 15, 2018, Guest speaker: Debra Burger
Divine energy is present within each of us, but it is up to us to activate it. Debra offers a 3-part practice to accomplish this activation.

Claim Your Authority – April 8, 2018, Guest speaker: Kerri Kannan
Kerri shares her personal story of her discovery of the life-transforming Divine power within and then leads us in a powerful experience of affirmative prayer.

RISE! – Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The story of Jesus passion, death and resurrection offers a metaphysical teaching for our own transformation.

Palm Sunday: the Ride to Peace – March 25, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
On the day we celebrate as Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the “city of peace”. How can we, too, ride into peace?

The Overcomer – March 18, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
In times of darkness and turmoil we must hold fast to the truth of who we are and to the goodness of the universe. Holding that higher vision, we will manifest it and overcome adversity.

The Sabbath Was Made for Us – March 11, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The Sabbath happens anytime we choose to enter into the stillness to hear the voice of Spirit, and to “pluck from the grains” of that Divine field in order to move forward, actively engaging in our own awakening.

Lent: Conserve Your Energy – March 4, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
As we quicken the energies within us that were epitomized by Jesus the Christ, we awaken youthful ideas and vitality.

I’ve Got to Use My Imagination – February 25, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Our imagination has the power to create our experience. When we allow it to be inspired by Spirit within us, we manifest the good and beautiful.

Lent: The Altar – February 18, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
The Gospel story of the wedding feast at Cana and the transformation of water into wine reveals the means of our own transformation.

Allowing God Thoughts to Flow – February 11, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Referencing the Bible story of Joshua and the walls of Jericho, Rev. Crystal shares the message that we can set ourselves free from any walls of limitation and allow God’s free flowing thoughts to move in and through us.

Be That One Voice – February 4, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
Using the story of John the Baptist as a model – as we listen to the voice of truth within us, we can transform our lives and “make straight the path in the wilderness” for others.

You Are Created for This – January 21, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
In the wake of our recent White Stone Ceremony, we look at the story of the infant Jesus and the flight into Egypt to escape Herod’s pursuit as a metaphor of the conflict between our own holy innocence and the ego that would suppress it.

My Father’s Mansions – January 15, 2018, Guest speaker: Roger Mock
At the end of his ministry, Jesus consoled his followers and gave them an essential metaphor to carry them through the times ahead.

White Stone Ceremony – January 7, 2018, Rev. Crystal Muldrow
On this day each year we set our intentions for the new year. Rather than focusing on what we will do, we focus on who we are called to be in order to birth the emerging vision of our highest essence.