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Would You Like Join Unity Church?

If you love what we teach, we would love to have you become an official member of Unity Church.  You are not required to withdraw your membership from other churches in order to join Unity.  Our purpose is to advance spiritual consciousness, not to convert.

To become a member we ask that you attend worship services regularly for at least six months, read the booklet Unity: A Quest for Truth and participate in a six-week membership class, which are generally held twice-yearly.

Dates for upcoming Membership Classes will be posted here and in our Newsletter. (You can subscribe to our email Newsletter on our homepage at the bottom right)

Active Membership

We now designate our members as active or inactive. This concept is much simpler than it seems. All a member  has to do to be listed as an active member is to request that they be an active member, once every 2 years.  This can be done by simply filling out the form below.

The reason that we decided to designate members as inactive is to avoid the obligation to notify people of Membership Meetings, when they don’t care to be notified. Everyone is always welcome at Sunday Services, classes, and other Unity functions. When we say everyone, we include: active members, inactive members, and non-members. If a person becomes inactive, they can return to active status by simply filling out the Active Member form below.

Active Membership Request Form

Please fill out the following information for our records. Please know that the church does not share your personal information with anyone. This is for Unity of Albany use only.

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