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The Practice and Art of Coming Home

The video begins with a guided meditation. The messages starts at
The audio version contains just the message.

Rev Brigid reads and reflects on the following poem by Christine Valters Paintner:

A Blessing for Transfiguration

Radiant God,
open our eyes to all the ways
the sacred shimmers before us,
how gold pours forth from the robin’s throat,
how sunlight returns each morning,
how the moon glitters across still water,
how laughter around the table kindles joy,
how kindness can change lives.
Free us from our need to seize these moments,
to make of them stone monuments
rather than tabernacles of light
we carry with us in our hearts.
This vision is not a call
to stay on the mountain
but to gather our treasures
into an open embrace,
to make the slow pilgrimage into the world,
to share them freely after our descent,
in a world so hungry for beauty.
Help us to remember
to keep our seeing clear, attuned,
present to your unfolding before us.
Let us see your glow
erupting in all the hidden corners,
in all the places you
have been forgotten.

– Christine Valters Paintner
Hear Christine read her poem here


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