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Falling in Love with the Earth

The video begins with a guided meditation by Starr. Her message starts at 6:30.
The audio version contains just Starr’s message.

Starr ReganStarr Regan DiCiurcio is an interfaith minister in upstate New York, and a good friend of Rev Brigid’s. She is also ordained in the Tiếp Hiện Order (Order of Interbeing) of Zen master Thich Nhất Hanh. Starr has facilitated retreats and days of mindfulness for over two decades. She teaches meditation and offers spiritual direction to individuals and groups. Starr’s work is informed by her Christian roots, her Buddhist practice, and her Irish Celtic heritage. Her creative pursuits include writing and painting.

Starr is the author of the book Divine Sparks: Interfaith Wisdom for a Postmodern World.



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