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Asking and Receiving


Rob’s message is about the power of asking God (Rob uses the name “LIA” – Love in Action) for all things and expressing gratitude, in advance, knowing that God wants what we want of something even better.

Knowing What We Know


We can find peace and well being when we accept that we do not know what we cannot know, and anchor our consciousness into what we do know.

The Overcomer


In times of darkness and turmoil we must hold fast to the truth of who we are and to the goodness of the universe. Holding that higher vision, we will manifest it and overcome adversity.

White Stone Ceremony


On this day each year we set our intentions for the new year. Rather than focusing on what we will do, we focus on who we are called to be in order to birth the emerging vision of our highest essence.

Peace Rocked My World


Mary’s world was turned upside down with the appearance of an angel and his message to her, but with extraordinary faith she allowed herself to become a vessel for the Divine.

The Middle


It is difficult to remain in balance in a world of duality, of opposites and extremes. Buddhism offers us the wisdom of following the “Middle Way.” (Sunday, November 5, 2017)