Near the end of the talk there was a “commercial interruption,” the audio portion of which is heard in the podcast. Here is the video itself:

Our EarthCare Covenant is read at the end of Maia’s talk:

We, as a sacred community, envision a human society that acknowledges and respects the intrinsic value of all beings.  We strive to live in an ecologically responsible and sustainable way, in harmony with nature.  We live in gratitude and appreciation while working to bring this awareness to others.

We realize our place in the interdependent web of life on this planet and affirm our reverence for all aspects of God’s creation, known and unknown to us.  Let us join together as we mindfully support the well-being and protection of Planet Earth’s diverse ecosystems.

We agree to transform our individual and congregational lives into acts of moral witness, to live with ever-increasing awareness and mindfulness of how our actions impact the balance of nature, and to work with determination and grace to bring Climate Justice.  We dedicate ourselves to do all in our power to live in a way that allows Planet Earth’s innate resilience to restore and maintain the physical conditions and huge diversity of life forms that, through infinite interactions, support human existence.

We declare our covenant with Spirit to walk lightly upon this beautiful Earth as we hold this vision for the greatest good of all creation.

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