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Unity Albany Thought for the Day

For quite a few years (decades?), a team of our congregants lovingly recorded the Daily Word on our phone system each day so anyone could call in, press extension 15, and hear Unity’s inspiring message for the day.
This past spring it came to our attention that this practice was not in line with the current copyright guidelines published by the fine folks at Unity central:

“Please note that Daily Word is copyrighted material. We ask that it not be reproduced or reprinted in its entirety. We also honor our subscribers by protecting the messages they have paid to access each day.
…The same guidelines apply for audio and video reproductions as with printed material. As Daily Word®is copyrighted material, we ask that the daily messages not be reproduced on CD, cassette, or as daily audio or video files.”

That all makes good sense, and, though we’re sorry to no longer be able to provide that service, with Dennis Ryan’s lead and creative forethought, we now provide a daily recording we’re calling “Unity Albany Thought for the Day“! These “thoughts” have been culled from other Unity sources which do not fall under the copyright parameters of the Daily Word.

So… need a quick pick-me-up? Want to hear a friendly (and probably familiar) voice gift you with some positive and affirming thoughts for your day? Just call:

(518) 453-3603 and choose extension 15!