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New Air Purification System

We have purchased new high tech, highly effective air purifiers for the Sanctuary, Offices and Fellowship Hall/Kitchen! They were installed at the beginning of June and as a result we have the confidence to say that masks are now optional in our facility! Indeed, this is a game changer, and we are very grateful to those who contributed to the purchase of these units.

Here’s some information about the Active Pure technology, which is based on technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station.

How does ActivePureⓇ® Technology work?

  1. Uses oxygen and humidity from the air
  2. Converts into powerful oxidizers
  3. Surrounds exposed surfaces to help control contaminants
  4. Safe for spaceships – Safe for your home

Ten Unique Technologies

  1. Directional air intake for less resistance
  2. Multi-point ion generator creates electrically charged attraction to the filter
  3. Carbon layer prefilters large particles and odors
  4. Water-proof, polypropylene filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 micron, performing at levels better than HEPA
  5. UVC light is a germicidal lamp
  6. ActivePure Technology is a proprietary, active, Certified Space technology that goes into the room to destroy contaminants on surfaces
  7. 4-speed dual intake fan moves particles toward filter
  8. Angled blades at emission point create dynamic air flow through room
  9. HEPA Silent System is whisper quiet
  10. Durable all-steel construction for durability & sound-insulation.

Air Purifiers

We have installed the BEYOND Guardian Air purifier in both the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall and the smaller portable Aerus Pure & Clean purifier in the Offices, which may be moved into meeting rooms as needed, but which is effective at purifying the whole office area.