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The Summer of a New Dimension of Love

by unityalbany

by Rev. Steve Colladay Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said, “We are challenged to rise above the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. …Through our scientific genius we have made of the world a neighborhood, now through our moral and spiritual genius we must make of it a […]

The Luckiest People in the World

by unityalbany

by Heather Diddel Hello, dear Unity family— I MISS you all! I am writing this little love note to you right after participating in the Thursday morning Chaplain’s zoom call. We had people on zoom and on the phone. It was wonderful to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices.  We talked about everything from […]

My Experience at the Mexican Border

by unityalbany

by Peggy Kaufmann On March 11, I flew to San Antonio, Texas with a delegation of 7 other people, to go to the border and witness the crisis of the people who are seeking asylum, and Trump’s “Migrant Protection Plan” policy, which keeps them all in encampments just on the Mexican side of the border. […]