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Move into Healing

by unityalbany

by John Frederick Whenever I have a small problem, like a buttoning a button, putting on a cuff link or when I can’t get something unstuck, I say, “God, I can’t do this. But You can.” And it never (never!) fails, and the problem is solved. This morning walking the dogs, I realized that this […]

Keeping the Faith, Part 2

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock Back in March I wrote a column on the topic of faith vs. belief. The gist of it was contained in a phrase I had heard someone say that had somewhat stopped me in my tracks: “Throw out all the beliefs and keep the faith!” The conclusion I reached is that beliefs are a […]

Keeping the Faith

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock   I heard a kind of slogan this week that stopped me in my tracks: “Throw out all the beliefs and keep the faith.” Say what? There was a time when a statement like that might have put me a little on the defensive. But now here I am, an interfaith minister […]

In the Beginning…

by Managed WordPress Migration User

By Kerri Kannan For the past couple of years, because of some very profound experiences I have had, I have been somewhat obsessed with understanding not only the power of prayer, but also the power of our words. That obsession led me to search for books that will help me understand exactly how powerful our […]

Refuge and Strength

by Managed WordPress Migration User

by Rev. Crystal Muldrow “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” —Psalm 46:2 Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Into each life some rain must fall.” It seems like our world is experiencing more of a surge? We have had an unprecedented year of natural disasters, there are four major wars […]