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Move into Healing

by John Frederick

Whenever I have a small problem, like a buttoning a button, putting on a cuff link or when I can’t get something unstuck, I say, “God, I can’t do this. But You can.”
And it never (never!) fails, and the problem is solved.

This morning walking the dogs, I realized that this large problem — this world-wide problem — will yield to the same remedy:
“God, I can’t. But You can.”
“God, I can’t protect myself from Corona virus. But You can.”
Why does this work? Does God swoop down and button my button for me?

What happens in that moment is my mind becomes more closely aligned with God-mind, which is to say, Truth, which is to say Perfect Peace. And as I move my mind closer to Reality, and away from the illusions of the world, things are resolved.

God does not heal!! It is we who move into or away from the mighty stream of healing energy that IS God.
The farther away, out of alignment, the more we are caught up in the world of Maya (illusion). The nearer, the more closely aligned we are, the less problems and more solutions; the less fear and more Faith; the less confusion and more assurance; the less turmoil and more Peace knowing…

All Is Well…


  1. John– Thank you! This is exactly the balm that my heart and mind needed at this moment. In the torrent of news, it is so easy to lose ones grounding for a time. Your writing brought me right back to center.

    Love you and Thank you! Fleur

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