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20-20-20 Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Practice in 20/20/20 (or 5/5/5 or 10/10/10  😀 )

by Rev Brigid Beckman

This concept was transformative when my lovely doctor in Massachusetts invited me to try the structure and freedom of a daily practice that included 20 minutes of movement, 20 minutes of quiet prayer, meditation, or reflection and 20 minutes of anything else that fed my soul!

As a Board, we’ve committed to our own spiritual practices that anchor us in loving accountability to our community. It has been a powerful gift to know we’re sharing a focus– however that practice shows up for us individually.

Unity of Albany is a Spirit-centered community, and that is visible in so many ways! If this is one way that sparks your spiritual curiosity, please try it out and see how it fits. If you’d like to be on Heather Diddell’s weekly encouragement email list, please e-mail: unityalbanyboard@yahoo.com or speak with Heather or any Board member.