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Shamanic Journey Series

Sacred Dreaming
an Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

with Shari Parslow

In a safe and supportive circle, we will explore the ancient art of shamanic journeying. This is a reverent practice that can empower each individual through direct revelation, as we align with the wisdom of our hearts. We can all learn to access the wisdom and healings generously offered by the compassionate spirits who come to guide us.

*If you feel called please bring a small item to place on the altar.
**You may wish to bring a blanket and a cloth to cover your eyes. (There will be extras provided  on site )

Investment: $30 per session.  $100 for all four.
There is no need to register in advance.
Payment may be made at the class or by mail (Unity Church, 21 King Ave., Albany, NY 12206).
Checks may be made out to Unity Church.

Please feel free to contact Shari w/any questions:
shariluminous@gmail.com  or 518-879-9365

Shari Parslow is a shamanic healing practitioner, intuitive channel, mentor and lic. massage therapist with over 30 years of integrative bodywork and energy medicine.

Shari has been trained and initiated by many esteemed healers from the Andes to Tibet. As a mesa carrier for many moons, she was certified in the ancient wisdom teachings through Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body and Master programs. Some beloved teachers include Rinpoche Lama Lhanang, yachak Don Alverto Taxo, and Brooks Greene Barton with whom she certified in The Art Of God program.

Shari strives to live each day as a ceremony in gratitude. Her intention is to honor your divine uniqueness as you open into the unlimited possibility of who you are.


    • Cynthia,

      Consider yourself signed up.
      I do not know as yet whether we will be broadcasting the series on Zoom or not. We can get back to you on that.
      I’ll email you on April 16 with payment options, though you could always mail a check made out to Unity Church.
      Roger Mock

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