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Worldwide Prayer Vigil for Peace

The information below was shared with us by our friend Patricia Pearce

Peace Troubadour Fr. James Twyman will travel to Israel for a worldwide peace meditation on Saturday, Oct. 14 at noon New York time.

Millions of people will join as ONE voice for peace in Israel and Palestine

Fr. James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubadour, is no stranger to war zones. Over the last 25 years he has traveled to many countries engaged in conflict or war to share his peace concert, and to invite people to join in massive worldwide peace meditations.

“We’ve seen wars stopped in their tracks when millions of people send their prayers to a conflicted area of the world,” Fr. James said. “The key is that we pray together at the same moment, and also in a similar way. We’re called to FEEL the energy of peace prevailing in a given situation. For example, imagine millions of people stopping for a half hour to an hour on Saturday, Oct. 14 at noon New York time, extending their love to everyone involved in the terrible war taking place in Israel and Palestine. I believe that we have the power to inspire peace, and that’s why we’re asking you to spread the word by sharing this email to everyone you know.”

Here’s what we’re asking:

1. Share this email with everyone you know. (If you would like to receive updates on the meditation as situations develop, please go to www.JamesFTwyman.com and register for our e-blast newsletter.)

2. At noon NY time on Saturday, Oct. 14, stop whatever you’re doing and spend 30-60 minutes FEELING the energy of peace prevailing in the Holy Land. We’re not “asking” for peace to prevail, but feeling that it already has. This type of energy-based affirmative prayer has been proven to powerfully impact world situations.

3. Continue to send your love and energy to Israel and Palestine throughout the day with confidence that peace will find a way.

You have an important role to play

Fr. James will join with peace workers in Israel to anchor the prayers of the world. All we ask is that you play your role. Our brothers and sisters in Israel and Palestine are suffering but we can inspire peace simply by sharing the details of this worldwide meditation and participating at noon NY time on Saturday, Oct. 14th. Now is the time we demonstrate that we are ONE!