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Day of the Dead Celebration

Living Fully with the End in Mind

Recently, Ramananda John Welshons joined us for a day of “Honoring the Seasons of Our Lives.” During his talk and workshop, John invited us to embrace the inevitability of change as a blessing in which we can unveil Love in every circumstance during the ongoing cycles of life. Over the course of many months a team composed of Rev Brigid, Mary Myers, Deb Sigrist and Pat Anene have worked to create Living Fully with the End in Mind, a series of workshops designed to support and inform the conversations and decisions that bring peace of mind to our “fourth quarter” cycle of life. 

We kick off our series with a two part event on October 29, 2023:

Day of the Dead celebration at our 10 am Sunday Service 

The Conversation a one hour workshop from 11:45-12:45 

What is Day of the Dead?

Many of our most loved holiday traditions have evolved over time from their ancient, indigenous origins and the Christian holy days superimposed on them, often forcibly. 

One such festival that has become popular in recent years is the Mexican festival of Day of the Dead, which is a blend of an ancient Aztec celebration and the Christian holy days of All Saints and All Souls’ Days (Nov 1 and Nov 2).

We are probably more familiar with Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve) which is also connected to those feast days, but grew out of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “SAH-win”). Yet instead of warding off ghosts and spirits by wearing costumes and building bonfires. families in Mexico invite their ancestors back into their homes and hearts. Families create ofrendas, altars in the home with photos, mementos and favorite foods of their loved ones. 

Day of the Dead over time has become a blend of Christian tradition and Mexican mysticism, commemorating death as another element of life and as a way to remember and honor loved ones.

In our Unity path, we also recognize our bodily death as an element of life that continues beyond form. Yet our human experiences of loss and grief can make it difficult for us to befriend our physical mortality, and thoughtfully and honestly engage in conversations around our end of life wishes– even with ourselves.

For our 10am service on October 29, you are invited to bring a photo or small memento of a loved one to place on our Unity ofrenda. After the service, grab a snack during Hospitality and then join us for a supportive, gently guided exploration of the values and beliefs that shape the conversations we can then have with our loved ones.

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  1. Will the Conversation be recorded? I am not available at the time it is live..
    Will there be a zoom link?
    Thank you .. Cindy Capone

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