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Covid Updates and Current Guidelines for Unity of Albany

updated, Thursday February 16, 2023

We are incredibly grateful to welcome more and more folks in person at our Sunday Service. Your presence in person is the fuel that feeds your ministers, and our ministry! (And that, in turn, fuels the connection and experience for our beloveds who are unable to be here in person.)

Masks are no longer required, but are recommended, especially during cold and flu season. We have masks available at each entrance. We also ask that if you are feeling under the weather, please use your best judgement about in=person attendance and/or masking. 

Vaccines are required for ministers, employees, contractors and volunteers in the building for regular, extended periods. 


  1. Good News
    England and France have lifted all vaccine mandates, vaccine passport requirements and mask requirements. Let’s hope we’re next! Then the next challenge post pandemic challenge will be to deal with the epidemic of mental health around the hypochondria that is profoundly deep rooted and embraced from this pandemic.
    Ellen Sweet

  2. The evidence that vaccines decrease the spread of Covid-19, mitigate the severity of symptoms, and reduce deaths among the fully vaccinated is overwhelming. I applaud this decision on the part of the church leadership. I am personally aware of too many lives lost, unnecessarily so, because of misinformation about the value and efficacy of the vaccines.

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