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Unity and Race: A Truthful History

Unity.org has just published this important article and we recommend that all take the time to read it. Rev. Steve Colladay alerted us to the article, writing:

“Today I celebrate the recent completion of “Unity and Race: A Truthful History: Mistakes, Apologies and Actions Through the Years” posted on the website of Unity World History. For me, it is essential reading and contemplation for all Unity leadership and ministries, and racism and social justice teams. It is clear, sad, powerful and necessary for our awakening Unity movement.”

Mistakes, Apologies, and Actions Through the Years

This article was edited by Rev. Ellen Debenport with contributions from CEO Jim Blake, UWH board members Revs. Sandra Campbell and Charline Manuel, and diversity officer Alexandra Scott.

The first step is to admit you have a problem

In the past century, Unity officials have periodically acknowledged the organization’s failures and shortcomings concerning racial equality. Some have apologized. Some have taken a few steps toward improvement.

But today, walking across the beautiful Unity Village campus with its rose garden and fountains, the preponderance of white faces indicates something remains amiss, that somehow Unity still fails to reflect the basic demographics of America.

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