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Spring Equinox Ceremony

Join us for a very special
OneSong Service on
Sunday, March 18 at 6:00 pm

as we celebrate the coming Spring Equinox
with a special South American ritual called


Special guest Shari Parslow, a shamanic healing practitioner, will lead us in this traditional Andean Ceremony.

The despacho is a sacred Andean ceremony. It is a prayer bundle, lovingly created in a medicine ceremony to bring harmonic balance with the Earth, and to honor rites of passage and healing. The despacho is essentially an expression of gratitude, to bring “right balance.”

The bundle will be comprised of symbolic content from the natural world (seeds, flowers, leaves) imbued with the prayers of each participant. As the ceremony progresses these will be arranged like a mandala ,with deep intent as the vibration of the circle is raised in a co-creative act of beauty. It is a prayer in motion that creates opportunity for energetic shifts and healing. Wrapped with reverence, the despacho will be offered up as a gift of gratitude into a sacred fire celebrating the upcoming Spring Equinox.

Shari is also an accomplished vocalist and will grace us with her singing voice as well.
We are also joined by frequent guest musician Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius.

Shari Parslow has over 25 years of experience in energy medicine and integrative bodywork. She has been mentored and initiated by esteemed master healers from the Andes to Tibet, and certified in the ancient wisdom teachings through Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body and Master Soul and Destiny Retrieval Programs, The Art of God Program,and as a BRETH facilitator (Breath Releasing Energy for Transformation and Healing). She offers workshops, trainings,and customized ceremonies in addition to private healing sessions in her  backyard Mongolian yurt. Shari has a degree in theatre arts from Northwestern University, and a Continuing Ed. degree in motherhood from her beloved family. Her intention is to support the healing path through your heart’s wisdom,as you open into your power and uniqueness as a creative, unlimited Being.