a positive path for spiritual growth

Seven Affirmative Steps to Healing


    1. I believe life has to be guided by intelligence.
      “Life is simply a form of energy and has to be guided and directed in our body by our intelligence… by our thinking and talking.”
    2. I speak words of strength and power.
      “I went to all the life centers in my body and spoke words of Truth to the words of strength and power. …that they were free unlimited Spirit. I told them that they were no longer in bondage to the carnal mind; that they were not corruptible flesh, but centers of life and energy omnipresent.”
    3. I keep the faith.
      “I did not become discouraged at their being slow to wake up but kept right on, both silently and aloud, declaring the words of Truth, until the organs responded.”
    4. I ask for forgiveness.
      “I asked my life centers forgiveness for having condemned them, calling them weak, inefficient, and diseased. I asked the Father to forgive me for taking His life into my organism and there using it so meanly.”
    5. I bless and encourage the flow of life in me.
      “I promised Him that I would never, never again retard the free flow of that life through my mind and my body by any false word or thought; that I would always bless it and encourage it with true thoughts and words in its wise work of building up my body temple; that I would use all diligence and wisdom in telling it just what I wanted it to do.”
    6. I am mindful of my thoughts and words.
      “…I was using the life of the Father in thinking thoughts and speaking words, and I became very watchful as to what I thought and said. I did not let any worried or anxious thoughts into my mind, and I stopped speaking gossipy, frivolous, petulant, angry words.”
    7. I pray without ceasing.
      “I let a little prayer go up every hour that Jesus Christ would be with me and help me to think and speak only kind, loving, true words; and I am sure that He is with me, because I am so peaceful and happy now.”


Myrtle Fillmore is the co-founder of Unity. Adapted by Rev. Steve Colladay, 1998 from Prayer Works, Rosemary Guiley, editor, pp.11-13, published by Unity Books, 1998.