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Rev. Brigid Beckman – Minister Candidate

Our Search and Find Team is very excited to announce that they have selected a candidate for our Senior Minister position – Rev. Brigid Beckman!

CANDIDATE WEEKEND: October 30 & 31

  • Rev. Brigid offered a Saturday Morning Workshop on October 30, 10:00 am to Noon: “The Wisdom of Autumn” – in-person in the Unity sanctuary or on Zoom.
  • Rev. Brigid offered the meditation and message on Sunday, October 31 for our 10:00 am Service. Her message, was titled, “I Am Listening”
    “Taking a cue from Michael Singer’s ‘The Untethered Soul,’ I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks noticing my often noisy “inner roommates!” At the same time, meditating on the poem by Joyce Rupp titled “Listening to Autumn” invited me to pay attention and find insight into our human rhythms as I listen to nature’s rhythms. This talk will explore questions, challenges, and possibilities that arise from the wisdom found in deep listening.”
  • Q&A session followed the service on Zoom 
  • Congregation Response – Congregants submitted their responses to Rev. Brigid’s presentations with our Survey and also took part in a lively Zoom session with our Board of Trustees on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 5:30 pm on Zoom.

View Rev. Brigid’s Sunday message from October 31

View the Saturday workshop, “the Wisdom of Autumn”

View the Q&A Session with Rev. Brigid:

View Rev. Brigid’s recent Sunday messages:


Reverend Brigid Beckman was ordained in 2016 through One Spirit Interfaith Learning Alliance, an international program based in NYC. A heart-centered minister and teacher, Brigid leads from relationships and embraces experiential interactions. For decades, Brigid has dedicated herself to helping others find their joy through creating opportunities for deep reflection on their own journeys and shared communal experiences. She has officiated close to 150 weddings, funerals, and baby blessings, has worked in both public and independent schools, and has led retreats and workshops for students, teachers, and people of all ages. A longtime Albany resident, Brigid recently returned to the area after living in Beverly, MA for the past four years where she was the Campus Minister and Director of Spiritual Life at an all-girls high school. She recently became grandmother to two wonderful grandbabies, just over a week apart: Keeley Brigid and Elias Martin.