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President’s Corner: Membership & Board Elections

by Paul Frament

On Sunday March 3, after the 11:00 Service, Unity will hold its annual meeting to elect new members to its Board of Trustees. You can view the profiles of the quality candidates that we have ready to lead your Community right here.

As you prepare for the March 3 meeting, you will participate in a recent change in our bylaws. We now designate our members as active or inactive. This concept is much simpler than it seems.  All a member  has to do to be listed as an active member is to request that they be an active member, once every 2 years.  How hard is the request procedure, just print your name on our Active Member form.

The reason that we decided to designate members as inactive is to avoid the obligation to notify people of Membership Meetings, when they don’t care to be notified. Everyone is always welcome at Sunday Services, classes and other Unity functions. When we say everyone, we include: active members, inactive members and non-members. If a person becomes inactive, they can return to active status by simply printing their name on the Active Member form.

At our March 3 Membership Meeting, there will be blank forms to allow you to become active and then vote.
Another bylaws change will make remote attendance available at our Annual Meeting. Exact details will be posted on this website. The details will tell you how to connect to the Meeting using Zoom.

Of course, if you haven’t taken the Unity 101 Course, you aren’t an active or inactive member. But, you can take the course, and be able to participate fully in all that Unity of Albany has to offer.

Speaking of what Unity has to offer, Lent is just a few weeks in the future, and that is even better than January 1, when it comes to resolving to be a better you. We will have classes, study at home materials, and Holy Week services leading up to Easter Sunday. All of these are designed to help you find the awesome person that Spirit created. On Good Friday of Holy Week we have a very exciting service, but I am not allowed to share exactly what it is , at least not now. But, if you keep checking UnityAlbany.org, you will learn all of our exciting events.

I hope to see everyone at our Annual Membership Meeting on March 3.