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Go Within and Claim Your Authority

This month, I will be the guest speaker on April 8 for both services. The message will focus on Claiming Your Authority and I will share with you how I have facilitated changes in my life and I will also share with you a unique form of prayer that has completely changed my understanding of what is possible for myself and others. Afterwards, I will be giving an afternoon workshop on the same topic for anyone who wants to know more. Then, this summer, I will be teaching a class on Thursday nights that will help you claim authority over your experience in your own life. For those who will not have the opportunity to participate in any of that, or who want to get as much information as possible about this gift and subject before the workshops and class, I wanted to touch on some key elements of claiming your power in this months article to help you get into the right mindset.

When you desire things in your life, what is the first thing you do? Do you go within to understand the most direct path to facilitating that change, or do you do something else? I will admit that going within is not always the first thing I always do. Sometimes, I try to think my way through the tasks that I need to do but this can often create overwhelm for me. If I just remember to get clear on what I want, get quiet and go within with my questions, I receive information that is simple and easy to understand. I am given baby steps that allow me to achieve my goals with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

For example, I have about 50 things on my plate that I want to complete within the next few months and this morning I was thinking of everything I wanted to get done which led to overwhelm. I want to lose some weight before I go away this summer, I want to get my website up before my talk on April 8, I wanted to write this article, I want to do some major spring cleaning, I need to do laundry and pay my car payment and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Trying to figure out how to get everything done leaves me in a state of paralysis. However, if I just take a few minutes to go within, it allows me to get clear on what to do so I can move in a forward direction. This is not just for the tasks I want to complete, this goes for EVERYTHING in my life.

This morning, after my bout of overwhelm, I was meditating on all the things I want to get done and I got an intuitive hit that I should write this article, pay my car payment, go for a walk and do laundry. If I think about it, that isn’t much. I can pay my car payment while my laundry is washing and it’s supposed to be pretty cold today so I want to wait until the temperature is a bit higher before going out for a walk. So when I break it down, the thing to do right now, since it is only 7am, is write this article. Easy Peasy!

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I have found that if I go within for bigger goals, I will get full downloads of step by step instructions on how to do things. Back in 1998, I had an epiphany that everything I thought was wrong with my life was a product of my faulty thinking. When I realized that all of my painful experiences were giving me the context to understand the content of my thinking, I started jumping around my living room thanking everyone who ever “hurt” me. I realized that it was simply a lack of Self-Love that was keeping me from the life I desired. Then, I wanted to know how to share that information and how to help other people experience what I had just experienced. I went within and asked how I could share that information and I was “downloaded” the Uncovering the Divine Within Workbook, which has helped countless people understand and overcome limiting life patterns. Had I tried to think my way through how I would deliver the information, I don’t think I would have ever finished writing it. However, by allowing the information to come through, and letting go of control, I created something beautiful and meaningful that has helped many many people completely transform their lives. In fact, this month, April 8-12, I am running a promotion where the book will be given away for free on Kindle, so if you would like to get your hands on that for free, that will be the perfect time. Here is the link

Several years ago, I was in want of a new “best friend” because I had been spending a great deal of time just working on my own and not really interacting with many people. I got really clear and specific on what I wanted in this new relationship, I mean really really specific. Then I meditated on it, and thanked the universe for already delivering this person into my life. I had no idea how this person was going to show up, I only knew that he was going to show up and left myself open to nudges from the universe. The day after I went through the creation process, a friend of mine who was helping me get myself going on a business venture suggested that I contact someone else within the business. I did and a few months later, I realized that the very next day after I asked the universe for this new best friend to show up, he did. It only took me a few months longer to realize that he showed up immediately and it took us a few months to realize what we had. He is still my closest friend to this day and we first met about 6 years ago.

There is nothing you can not do if you take the time to go within. You may feel like you don’t have time to go within but by simply going within, even for 5 minutes, you can save yourself huge amounts of time and energy. You have all the answers to all of your problems, you just need to take a few minutes to get clear on what you want and ask the universal intelligence that dwells within you, how to get it done. The universe will respond immediately and if you just stay in tune, you will find that by just trusting your intuition (the universal intelligence that dwells within you) you will achieve your goals with God-speed.

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