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World Day of Prayer

A Sacred Tradition

Wednesday, Sept. 7 through Thursday, Sept. 8

world-day-prayer-2016-logoWorld Day of Prayer Service
Wednesday, September 7, 7:30 pm

We will join Silent Unity —an international, trans-denominational 24/7 prayer ministry—and Unity churches and centers around the world on September 7 & 8, 2016, for the 23rd annual Unity World Day of Prayer.

  • 7:45 pm Opening music with Daniel Nahmod
  • 8 pm Opening Service with keynote address by Rev. Sylvia Sumter. Music provided by Daniel Nahmod.
    A candlelight peace walk to the Silent Unity Chapel will follow the opening ceremony.

Live-streamed in our sanctuary. Join us!
(To join the live stream on your own, go to www.unity.org/wdop )

Followed by 24-hour prayer vigil from 9:00 pm Wednesday through 9:00 pm Thursday, September 8

The theme of the 24-hour prayer event is
Discover the Power Within: Unleash Your Divine Potential.”
This year’s affirmation is “As I discover the power within, I unleash my divine potential.”

Closing Celebration
Thursday, Sept. 8, 7pm

with musical performance by Daniel Nahmod.
To join the live stream, go to www.unity.org/wdop