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Singing is a Flower

by Gerri Ratigan

Great singing is being temporarily possessed by Love.  It is similar to, but much briefer than, the short life of a flower which rises up in beauty then fades and dies.

Voices, like flowers, have a unique character, flowing, growing, changing and eventually leaving behind only a wisping gift.

Singing is life energy coursing through a body in a new way – teasing us with the bliss that we can never fully experience in our human form. Energy draws up through the feet raising spirit from the earth. It courses through the body waking cells, filling the lungs, exchanging breath and life with the Universe.

Notes, gradations that are not fully measurable by mere human intellect, grace us giving a glimpse of true eternity. Moving with sound, the energy is a frequency unseen, not fully known to us except in beauty and discourse.

Singing is dancing with the Universe.

Singing is modulating on a wave frequency.

Singing is love.