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Rev. Crystal’s Farewell

Rev. Crystal Muldrow will celebrate her last services with us on Sunday, February 2 at 9:00 and 11:00 am. A Farewell Party will follow the 11:00 am service in the Fellowship Hall.

Dear Unity family,

The news of Rev. Crystal’s resignation (announced at services on Sunday, December 15) has been wholly unexpected by the congregation. Rev. Crystal won our hearts from the start. We’ve been blessed by her spirited leadership rooted in prayer, her kindness, her welcoming approach to all, her vision of a Unity church with a strong youth program, and the prayerful discernment she brings to all her endeavors. She has also been responsible for developing and implementing many new initiatives for our ministry. We are deeply grateful for all the beautiful work Rev. Crystal did on behalf of our community and so it is very hard and sad to say goodbye to a beloved friend.

Rev. Crystal’s decision was a result of deep listening to guidance from Spirit, after consideration of many factors that included personal issues. This was not a decision made lightly, because Rev. Crystal deeply loves this church and this community. Therefore, the Board supports Rev. Crystal’s decision and is actively working on ways to support her in this transition.

We are a loving community that trusts God and puts God first. We are calling the whole community to pray for the guidance of Spirit. We pray for Rev. Crystal to be exquisitely taken care of, and that she will be received into a community that wholly embraces and nourishes her. We affirm that it will be the perfect place for her ministry to continue to flower; for the great beacon of light that she is to continue to shine brightly. We trust that Unity Church in Albany is Divinely guided and that this transition is in harmony with the unfolding of Spirit within us—expanding the expression and experience of who we are.

We are the divine children of God, and God is taking care of each and every one of us. Both Rev. Crystal and Unity Church in Albany are held in that abiding love. Therefore, we are unafraid and as we move through this transition, affirming our trust in God and remaining centered in Spirit. We trust and know that God is guiding all our affairs and all is well.

The next Town Hall meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2020. We will be able to address questions at that time. The intention for the next steps is to consider a transitional minister that would help Unity Church in Albany heal and become clear about who we are and what we desire in a future minister.

Thank you for keeping your hearts open, keeping your spirits high, and keeping a positive attitude throughout this process. Will be having a celebratory event for Rev. Crystal when we get closer to her departure. In the meantime, we encourage congregants to reach out to Rev. Crystal to let her know how much she is appreciated and loved.

In love and service,
Unity Church Board of Trustees


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