Global Peaceful Cities Project

by unityalbany

Global Peaceful Cities Project Schenectady Peace Project Unity Church, 7:00 pm Peace Week, August 20-27, 2018 The Global Peaceful Cities Project (formerly Albany Peace Project) is sponsoring the 2018 Schenectady Peace Project. Join us meditating for peace for Schenectady during Peace Week Aug 20-27. Because groups are more powerful, we are asking people to meditate together in one […]

President’s Corner: Service

by Paul Frament

Not every area of service is for me. There are some areas that are mine to do, and other areas that are for someone else. How do I select my area?

Jane Bloom Memorial and Obituary

by unityalbany

Memorial Service A celebration of Jane’s life will be held on Saturday, August 11, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm at Federated Church of East Arlington, 102 Ice Pond Rd, Arlington, VT 05250 NOTE: Another memorial service will be held at Unity Church in Albany at a future date to be determined.   Obituary Jane Anne Bloom (nee […]

Unity Vision 2018

by Karin Reinhold

I am so thankful for the strong response we had for the Visioning Exercise we had on April 22. More than 30 congregants came to the event to share from their hearts a visioning experience. This is what we are all about: a community of loving souls that together want to create a beautiful experience […]

FEAR NOTHING! Or, God is on the Case!

by Elaine Lasda

I have this meme posted on my office bulletin board. And while it is true, it only tells part of the story. Fear nothing? Yes, sure! I am on board! Sign me up for fearlessness!! Unfortunately, simply commanding my brain and feelings to fear nothing does not effectively drop fear from my emotional repertoire.  I […]

Blackberry Time

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock I had this song playing in my kitchen a couple days ago while I was making my dinner. It’s by Irish singer Luka Bloom, and it’s called Blackberry Time. The chorus goes: Everything is possible in God’s time But nothing is for sure All our hurts to wade through And still we find… […]

Jane Bloom – We Will Remember You

by Rev. Crystal Muldrow

In early May, during a conversation I was having with Jane Bloom, she told me that she did not think she was coming back to Unity. I knew she had been dealing with some serious and seemingly unrelenting ailments for the past several years… This last one had taken a lot out of her. Yet, […]

Keeping the Faith, Part 2

by Roger Mock

by Roger Mock Back in March I wrote a column on the topic of faith vs. belief. The gist of it was contained in a phrase I had heard someone say that had somewhat stopped me in my tracks: “Throw out all the beliefs and keep the faith!” The conclusion I reached is that beliefs are a […]

Summer Breeze

by Rev. Crystal Muldrow

by Rev. Crystal Muldrow “What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with… no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.” – Gertrude Jekyll I’m probably dating myself. Now that spring has settled in and […]