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Homecoming Podcast with Jessica

Finding yourself in life’s little moments

Our dear friend Jessica Roemischer has shared some wonderful, inspiring offerings with us in recent years. Because of her travels we haven’t seen her in awhile, but Jessica has been doing a little podcast called Homecoming with Jessica that is a perfect way to experience her beautiful, heartfelt words and music.

In the Homecoming Podcast, award-winning pianist and author, Jessica Roemischer celebrates life’s little moments. Through a compelling blend of story and piano music, Jessica conjures memories from childhood, reflections on nature, delight in our human experience, the arts, music, and more. Amidst the challenges of the world, Jessica’s weekly episodes provide comfort. And they will help you notice these little moments in your own life – the times of innocence, joy and love, so close and near, in which you find yourself renewed.

Find it at www.homecoming.site and subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Here’s an episode on her early awakening to the beauty of music: