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Connective Tissue – Rev Brigid’s January greeting

Dear Unity Family,

Welcome to January in the Northeast! What an invitation to surrender is found at this time of year. We might find ourselves in flow with, or fighting against, the elements of cold, snow, and dark days depending on our mindset. My own is often entrenched in the both/and of seeing winter as a teacher– and grumbling about the cold! I feel the invitation to surrender to the gifts of winter, and to rejoice that in the rhythm of nature, we also add a few moments of sunlight each day.

On Sunday (January 9) we will round out our celebrations of the Season of Light with the White Stones service at 10 am. Last Sunday, Roger mentioned the “connective tissue” of the song we’ve sung together several times now: All this Joy. “All this joy, all this sorrow. All this promise, all this pain. Such is life, such is being. Such is Spirit, such is Love.”

For these past 6 weeks we have journeyed together into our life as a community of prayer, faith and Oneness. What beautiful connective tissue we are growing as we journey together! My hope is that Sunday’s White Stones service will be an invitation to each of us: to surrender to all the joy and sorrow, promise and pain; to deepen our call to walk in the light; to listen to the voice of Divine Guidance; and to set a renewed vision for the coming year.

Over the past several decades, I’ve collected small white stones from every beach I’ve walked along. They are imbued with the wisdom of standing at the edge of the infinite ocean of Love. The White Stones ceremony is new to me, but I hear it singing, and I look forward to sharing it together!

In all this joy,
Rev Brigid