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Affirmations in Dialogue!

Here’s a little conversation that appeared on Facebook this week.
Beth Suter posted her photo of Orisa Skipper leading the congregation in proclaiming our Affirmation for our New Minister (that would be Rev. Crystal Muldrow!) on Sunday, December 6.


Rev. Crystal responded:

“I took this photo (below) shortly after I found out I was going to be your new minister. I asked God how I can be the best minister… the best person I could be for this community. While waiting for my time in the Silent Unity Prayer Vigil Chapel, I was guided to venture down the adjoining hallway to find this, my answer.


“After seeing your great affirmation, I am moved to join you in affirming:

I have manifested my new and wonderful ministry!
I expect and embrace change as I welcome them, I’m open to their unique gifts,
and encourage them to grow along with me.
With the power of Spirit working in and through us we move into the next
exciting chapter of Unity Church in Albany.
Yes! And so it is! Amen!

I can’t wait to join you!!! I hope to be as much of a blessing as you have already been to me.”


Well, we can’t wait either, Rev. Crystal!
And we can feel the excitement building for sure!
See you at the Burning Bowl!


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  1. It was so worth the wait for Spirit to ” move” all of us to this unique decision to have you join us here! It was all in His good timing. Love you.

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