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Adopt a Family

Once again, Unity Church in Albany has signed up to Adopt-A-Family in Albany. A family that, without us would not have the means to celebrate the holidays. Last year we were one of 246 donors to “adopt” an Albany family in need.

Thank you so much for making our Christmas a wonderful experience, we were so happy with the gifts and truly blessed to know there are people still out there who have big hearts and are willing to help families who are in need. We are forever grateful.” -Mother of “adopted” family

To keep everyone safe and healthy we are doing things a bit differently this year:
Unity Church in Albany will be providing new, unwrapped gifts by drop off or drive through. Click on the links below to make one family’s Christmas wishes come true!

Wish List

The family has checked off needed items from the list supplied to them and have added children’s toys requested.

Sign up for gift-giving

(You will be asked to request access to the sign-up document. We will then give you access and send you an email to let you view it and sign up)

More info on other ways to help and how to stay safe available here:

Adopt-a-Family website