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A Stand for Humanity

Rev. Patricia Bass of Unity Worldwide Ministries shared this powerful message on June 16, 2020. Please watch this short video. Transcript below.

Hello. I’m Reverend Patricia Bass, Interim CEO at Unity Worldwide Ministries.

There is intense pain in our world today and especially in our communities of color, throughout the United States and beyond. Indeed, our collective heart is breaking over the conflict, injustice, and the needless loss of life. In times like these, Unity is not silent. We have a very clear statement of social action that guides us. Let me share just some of the words with you:

Where there is oppression and hatred, Unity stands for justice and understanding. And for extending compassion, kindness, and forgiveness to restore balance. And where there is discrimination, Unity stands for inclusivity and equality. We pledge to be an advocate for the well-being, the respect, the civil freedom of every human being. Every human being. Yes, every human being is a divine creation born with inherent good. I want you to know that Unity stands with black and brown individuals and communities. You are entitled to a life of dignity, respect, safety and freedom.

Who you are matters. And change needs to happen. Systemic racism cannot continue. In our institutions and in our systems. Unity Worldwide Ministries has churches and spiritual communities all over the world, and we stand together with you. We walk together with you. Toward a more just and equitable future that celebrates the divine nature and sacred work of every human being. We know that prayer is always our first step to guide us to take right actions. And so, I’d like to invite you to join me as we take a moment of prayer. I invite you to reach in to the God of your own understanding for guidance.

And so, we call upon God’s love in this important moment, knowing that divine love is the greatest power in the universe. We pray for the wounded heart of humanity as we grieve and rage, cry and despair over injustice and inequity. May divine love enfold everyone who is hurting today. And may divine wisdom guide each individual and every institution in taking action to ensure that all human beings are protected and celebrated for their inherent goodness, as a part of God’s creation. May we remain resolute in walking the course of human rights and social justice for all. We pray this in a spirt of unity, love and oneness. And so it is. Amen.

We stand together and we walk together. God bless you.