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Heart of the Mother

by unityalbany

nurturing and healing our world by Roger Mock “There is a mother spirit at the very heart of our universe. Even as we think of God we may think in terms of Father-Mother God. This mother principle is that which nourishes, sustains, feeds, tends, and holds together. On this day, which we are dedicating to […]

What If You Are the One?

by unityalbany

We wanted to share these questions posed recently by comedian and transformational speaker Kyle Cease on his Facebook page. Take your time reading this and listen to your heart’s response as you do.   I’m only offering this for the people who are open to hearing it. What if the entire world was a full […]

Bob Sima & Shannon Plummer

by unityalbany

Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer amplify each other’s talents as they weave their individual gifts into a divine combination of music, harmony, wisdom, joy!

God’s Wild Gamble

by unityalbany

by Roger Mock It’s Friday and I have time to write a column today. But what to write? The thing staring us all in the face is this latest tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. I will not pretend to have anything enlightening to add to the national conversation about this abominable outrage. I have not […]