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Bob Sima & Shannon Plummer

by unityalbany

Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer amplify each other’s talents as they weave their individual gifts into a divine combination of music, harmony, wisdom, joy!

Jesus Died Twice!

by unityalbany

by Rev. Jim Fuller For Christians Easter is the remembrance the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  Traditional Christianity teaches that through his dying Jesus atoned for the sins of humanity; sins of the past and sins yet to come.  I believe that Jesus would have been saddened by this interpretation of his final […]

Basic Principals Connecting All Religions

by unityalbany

by Anthony Antonecchia       I understand the basic principles that connect all religions to be wonderfully woven through perennial wisdom and universal truths. In the heart of each path, I have encountered and experienced great oneness, loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, gratefulness, peace, joy, mercy, purity, and positivity. These unitive attributes are spiritual “spirit-jewels” which […]

Did Jesus Own a Yoga Mat?

by unityalbany

Image used by permission. by Rev. Jim Fuller Originally published in the August 2012 Unity Church in Albany Newsletter. In the forward to Phillip Goldberg’s book “American Veda”, author and teacher Houston Smith comments on the connection between Jesus’ reply to the question “Which commandment is first of all?” and the four branches of […]

Free From All Harm

by unityalbany

by Rev Jim Fuller All people want to feel safe, to be free from harm. But if you read a newspaper or watch a news report there seems to be no end to the constant stream of harmful situations encompassing our world. The covert invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the kidnapping of schoolgirls by […]