NOTE: Rev. Steve Colladay was our wonderful Transitional Minister from March, 2020 through January, 2021, leading us through the processes describes in the links above. Thank you, Steve!

Message from Rev Steve

March 21, 2020

Dear Ones,

In the midst of our shared journey of spiritual rediscovery, each one of us has suddenly received what seems like to some us a punch-in-the-gut in an insane world. The ongoing challenges to our beliefs, practices, life as we have known it seem to have no end. So, I ask myself: “Just who have I come here to be in this time and place?”

For me, in a very short time, our Unity of Albany community has demonstrated a deep commitment to coming together in responding to the world’s challenges with spiritual eyes, words and actions. what a blessing to join such a power house of brothers and sisters! This community digs deep into their hearts in embracing what can initially seem like a call for fear, radically accepting what is, and are reaching out to one another….thus bringing a little peace and unconditional, transformative love to a shaken world.

I am SO blessed and excited to join you on this powerful journey and look forward to meeting all of you!

A door has been reached, a threshold crossed. What your mind still would deny your heart cannot.A tiny glimmering of memory has returned. “Come back, come back,” it will say to you. “Come home, come home,” it will sing. You will know there is a place within yourself where you are missed and longed for and safe and loved. A little peace has been made room for in the house of your insanity.
– A Course of Love

Love and Blessings,

~ Steve

Rev. Steve Colladay – Bio

Rev. Dr. Steve Colladay, an ordained Unity minister, is a certified transitional specialist and ministry skills consultant for the central office of Unity Worldwide Ministries in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. He has served as a full-time senior minister for 21 years in 4 Unity ministries, and 5 years as a transitional ministry specialist and church growth consultant. He has been a consultant or speaker in over 40 Unity ministries in 25 states.

Steve served as a regional Unity board of trustee member in 3 Unity regions–South Central, Southeast, and Northwest Unity regions, as well as sub-regions in Dallas and UMASS (southeastern states).

Steve has an earned doctorate in Organizational Development in Health Care and has consulting and training experience in 30 states, plus teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate levels in colleges and universities in 4 states. His doctorate is in Organizational Development from International College, and his Masters degree is in College Administration and Counseling from Michigan State University. Steve recently completed 3 extended units of Clinical Pastoral Education in Kansas City, MO.

Steve is committed to supporting our military and first responders and has served as a consultant and volunteer mentor for staff and clients of VA Vet Centers in 5 states, as well as Regional Vet Center staff training events in the Pacific and Midwestern regions. Steve has been an Interfaith Chaplain with the DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy serving our military to/from Iraq/Afghanistan after R & R. Currently he is a graduate of and current a mentor for The Battle Within healing academy, Kansas City, MO, supporting the healing of veterans and first responders with post-traumatic stress.

Steve is a pianist, composer and a producer of programs for stress management and mental conditioning techniques for veterans and athletes. An avid runner, cyclist and walker, he has completed 29 marathons, plus four 36-mile ultra-marathons