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Transition Overview

We began our transition time (between Rev. Crystal’s departure and the hiring of our next minister) at the end of March, 2020, with the arrival of transition specialist Rev. Steve Colladay, and concluded with the hiring of our Senior Minister, Rev. Brigid Beckman in November, 2021. These pages will provide much background information on a ministry transition and our particular timeline.


Who are Transition Consultants and Transition Ministry Specialists?

They are successful Unity ministers who provide competent transition ministerial leadership and a non-anxious presence during ministerial leadership change.

When are they recommended?

  • When a beloved minister retires, dies or leaves unexpectedly
  • During a ministerial transition, the members and leaders of the ministry are seeking to understand their identity through re-evaluation of their vision, mission and values.
  • When a ministry, without a minister, is struggling to break through to the next stage of growth or resolve issues which have led to repeated vacancies.
  • When the ministry is seeking to provide professional and consistent spiritual leadership during the interim time between permanent ministers.
  • When there is a significant conflict within the church that needs to be resolved before the ministry can address other issues, including hiring the next minister.

What are the benefits of using a Transition Consultant or Specialist?

  • Applies and demonstrates Unity Principles in the midst of change
  • Builds accountability and competency in members, boards, and ministry staff which rebuilds trust
  • Congregations discover and heal any lingering difficulties from their past.
  • Discovers the unique characteristics of the individual ministry so that they can attract the right minister to successfully live their vision, values, and mission
  • Educate, enlighten, empower, and engage to realize that problems aren’t people; they are systems.
  • Fosters needed change within the leadership dynamics of the congregation/board
  • Growth in understanding, numbers, and consciousness
  • Helps the ministry to become attractive to minister candidates
  • Identifies the strengths while minimizing the weaknesses
  • Joins with the congregation to co-create their future
  • Keeps unity during ministerial change
  • Lay leadership identified, nurtured, and empowered to link with Unity Worldwide Ministries’ services.
  • Models clear boundaries in a balanced healthy ministry model relevant to the current size, structure, and vision of ministry
  • Negotiates change in healthy, life-giving ways
  • Opens dialogue and creates venues for healthy growth
  • Prepares congregation to welcome new minister
  • Quality and consistent spiritual leadership provided during the interim period between permanent ministers
  • Renews commitment to mission, vision, and core values
  • Skills develop in affirmative prayer, prosperity consciousness, and principle-based communication and leadership in the ministry
  • Trains staff and volunteers
  • Unifies and strengthens mission-driven services

Unity Worldwide Ministries Transition Ministry Support Team

Intention Statement:

To honor the sacredness of transitions in ministerial leadership by providing specialized programs that support healthy spiritual community through transitional periods in ministry. We utilize skills and tools that contribute to transformative integration of the past with future possibilities.

Transitional Consultants and Transitional Ministry Specialists (TMS) have specialized training in supporting ministries through periods of new growth and transition. Those ministers serving in the capacity of TMS been trained by the Interim Ministry Network and have served for a minimum of five years in ministry. All involved in this work have signed the Code of Ethics and have agreed that under transitional placement they will not, under any circumstances, take the senior minister position.

Specialists have a variety of skills which may include: Unity Ministry Skills Development, Lombard Mediation skills, an understanding of the Ethics Review System, Integral Leadership, Compassionate Communication, and Appreciative Inquiry, to name a few. All certified through the transition program of the Ministry Skills department have successfully proven their skills and meet or exceed all other requirements.

Transition Ministers serve local ministries, regions, and the larger Unity movement. Reimbursement arrangements for services, and if required, moving and living expenses, are paid by the ministry they are serving.

Unity Worldwide Ministries serves member ministries with:

  • Specialized services during the sacred time of ministerial change.
  • Practical application of Unity ministry skills and tools for board capacity building.
  • Coaching during the ministerial search process.
  • Turning potential crisis into divine opportunities for growth within the spiritual community!