a positive path for spiritual growth

Affirmation for a New Senior Minister

Together, we affirm that we are calling in, and are ready to receive, a wonderful minister who is heart-centered, wise, humorous, sincere, collaborative and well organized, and who openly walks a spiritual
path of growth, deepening consciousness and love.  YES! AND SO IT IS!

Transition Affirmation

Elaine Lasda has offered the following affirmative statement for our transition time. Thank you, Elaine!

I deny the sense of separation from Spirit and others currently pervasive in our communities and nation, and I affirm the oneness of all beings with Spirit and each other.

The Christ in me guides me to speak my truth.

I embrace a great future for Unity Church in Albany, and am guided to develop our shared vision.

We are cognizant that new church leadership sends ripples of change through our entire organization. With God as our source, we lovingly communicate and manage change. We seek guidance and clear vision, and understand we cannot predict all pitfalls and opportunities that await us. United as one, we move forward fearlessly, knowing God is Good, and we will receive what our congregation needs to grow and thrive. We are prosperous!

The Divine Spirit in me sees the Divine Spirit in you.

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