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Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future

dates: Friday, July 24, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Saturday, July 25, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Everyone who is or has been a part of the Unity Church in Albany community is invited!

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Zoom Meetings
Though an in-person event is, of course, preferred, our facilitators will be doing their best to provide an optimum experience on Zoom. Watch for Zoom code in our Newsletter.

An Invitation for Unity Church in Albany to:

  • Engage in safe and open dialogue to share story of ministry
  • Engage possibility and discovery
  • Shift old patterns
  • Support new knowledge
  • Invite community growth
  • Release “old” energy
  • Fuel new creativity
  • Take new actions


The Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future process brings the entire Unity of Albany community together to share their story, and to begin to see the ways they have created identity, continuity, meaning, and purpose as they orient themselves to present circumstances and future possibilities. The process supports them in becoming aware of how their story has been compelling, limiting, wounding—or freeing. By understanding their story as the rich framework for their life orientation, the Unity of Albany community discovers that they are greater than their story.


  • To honor the sacredness of this transitional time in the life of Unity of Albany.
  • To provide support for the ministry as it moves through the transformative integration of the past with future possibilities.
  • To assist the congregation to move lovingly and effectively through this time of change and openness to future possibilities.

Key Tasks

Co-create Our Future by:
Honoring the Past, Healing the Present, Defining Current Identity, Empowering and Expanding Our Leadership Base, Strengthening Unity Connections.

About the Facilitators

Rev. Dr. Steve Colladay, an ordained Unity minister, is a certified ministry skills and transitional consultant for Unity Worldwide Ministries in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Rev. Joanne Burns has been serving Unity ministries for over 25 years. She is finishing her training to serve as a UWM Ministry Wellness Consultant.