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Rev Polly Dozier

Sunday Service with Rev. Polly Dozier

June 20th: “The Healing Consciousness”-Part 2

With covid, it would seem that the universe is sending all of us the message to shape up and get a little more serious about upgrading our understanding of health and healing. Have you incorporated the spiritual principles of health and healing into your life? Do you have a healing influence on your world? Conscious spiritual living allows Spirit’s wonderful healing energy to flow in and through our mind, heart and body! Charles Fillmore says, “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty has given me life.”

About Polly

Rev. Polly Dozier, is a passionate spiritual leader, a Unity minister for more than 25 years, life coach and EFT practitioner with international credentials, due to her work as a liaison between the Russian Communist government and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Polly, who has a son and granddaughter in Florida, has greatly contributed to the Unity movement, having served as both Regional Director and President of the South Central Unity Association of Churches and as an elected board member of the World Wide Unity Association. She has served as senior minister in Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington D.C., Anchorage Alaska, and Vancouver Island, B.C.

She says:

Free your fire within! It is time for all of us to leave our fears and doubts behind and move into our most exciting visions and dreams for ourselves and the new earth.  If we want to see our world transformed, we have to be willing to move forward in our own minds and life patterns!”

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