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Spirit-Embodied Restorative Yoga

Support your body
Commune with Energy
Remember your Spirit

Pam MedinaSpirit-Embodied Restorative Yoga is a 3-hour leisure-shop that combines restorative poses, specific breathing techniques, and yoga props to relieve pain, release stress, reduce inflammation, rejuvenate the entire bodily system, calm the mind, and remember that you are spirit embodied. Bring two blankets, all the yoga props you have available, and wear warm layers. Join yogini Pam Medina for an unforgettable experience. Pam has been studying and practicing yoga for thirty years. She is the founder of The Yoga Lily Teacher Training. She will use techniques from her upcoming book, “Goddess Nature: Embody Your Divinity.”

Love donation: $30 – $60

Space is limited. Reserve your mat space @ The Yoga Lily


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