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Fall Membership Class

Would you like to become a member of Unity Church?

Please sign up for Unity “101” (see form below)

Church membership is open to anyone who has:

  1. Attended regularly for the last six months or longer
  2. Attended a series of “Unity 101” classes like this one
  3. Read the book, The Five Principles by Ellen Debenport (available in our bookstore). We encourage you to read this book prior to the first class.

The five principles constitute the core teachings of the Unity spiritual movement founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.
These same principles reflect the laws of the universe that apply to everyone, all the time. They show up in every major religion and are all reflected in the teachings of Jesus. The author encourages every reader to “work with these principles, test them, apply them to your life, and watch what happens.”

If you are interested in membership, please know that you may retain membership in another church and still become a member of Unity of Albany.

Membership Classes are open to anyone who wants to take the class, whether or not they want to become a member. They’re even a great refresher for those who have taken it before.


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