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Authentic Voice Open Mic

 with Gerri Ratigan

2nd Friday of the Month, 7:00 pm

For Introverts, novice, experienced, closet speakers, budding musicians, artists, writers…
and especially for people who have a burning desire to live from their heart center, whether they know what their heart is saying or they are still searching.
Includes an interactive workshop and open mic.

Discover and potentially share your heart’s calling!

Come to learn, grow, explore and try on new aspects of your full presence, untapped talents and creative self in
community with like minded people. Expect inner game practices and open heart exercises to light your fire for an inspired life.

Come uncover your inner light.

Warning – you’ll get a lot more than the courage to present at a microphone. You’ll get inspiration for living fully as well.  And I want you to know from my heart that no one is required to share or get in front of the microphone. This is a safe space.

Cost: $20

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!
Love and light, Gerri

Questions? Call Gerri 518 469 0390 or gerricoach@gmail.com


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