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Afternoon Workshop with Philip Goldberg

Living Life 200%
Essential Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita

with Philip Goldberg

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Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. That can be seen as a metaphor, calling each of us to enter the Holy of Holies within, at the very core of our being. The Bhagavad Gita, India’s most celebrated sacred text, invites us to do exactly that and paves the way for doing it with ease and grace. The book that inspired luminaries from Emerson and Thoreau to Gandhi and George Harrison offers concise guidelines for an inside-out approach to life in fulfillment: first, anchor yourself in the sanctuary of peace and fortress of strength that’s your true nature; then, on that foundation, take on worldly challenges with heightened awareness and divinely attuned morality. We’ll dive deeply into the Gita’s most profound and practical passages, and along the way we’ll clarify crucial concepts such as karma, dharma, non-attachment, desire, and nonduality. We’ll all leave better equipped to navigate our spiritual paths smoothly, efficiently, and joyfully.

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Philip Goldberg is the author or co-author of numerous books; a public speaker and workshop leader; a spiritual counselor, meditation teacher and ordained Interfaith Minister.  A Los Angeles resident for several decades, Phil has recently moved to Great Barrington, MA. He hosted a program on Unity Online Radio in recent years and is a regular contributor to Unity Magazine.* Phil cohosts the Spirit Matters podcast, leads American Veda India Tours, conducts online courses and workshops, and blogs regularly on Elephant Journal and Spirituality & Health.

Find out lots more about Philip Goldberg’s offerings at philipgoldberg.com

Phil is the sole author of 12 books and the coauthor or ghostwriter on 17 others. Pictured are his 4 most recent titles. Click image for more info.


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