A Transition Activity for our entire Unity Community

The I of the Storm
Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace

by Rev. Gary Simmons

5 Wednesdays, June 24-July 22
7:00 – 8:30 pm

With Rev. Steve Colladay

The “I of the storm” is your wholeness and spiritual essence. “Seeing” the storm with Christ vision returns you to center, to awareness of your wholeness.

Class Objectives:

  • Objective 1: You will learn how to dismantle the appearance of an “enemy” and understand that, when your life experience looks or feels against you, the experience is really a mirror unto your own disconnect.
  • Objective 2: You will be able to see how you create the conditions that support the storms of your life. You will be able to differentiate between who you are and what you are having as your experience.
  • Objective 3: Building upon the foundation that all suffering is caused by confusing one’s self with one’s experience, you will see the relationship between what is happening and who you are being. You will be able to describe what inner resource is missing in order to perceive a person or situation as an adversary.
  • Objective 4: You will see how the head and heart frame reality and have the skill to sort through perceptions and meaning-making. You will see how peace is an intrinsic quality of being and manifests through the principle of congruence.

I of the Storm Principles

Who Have I Come Here To Be – Pre-class homework