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Spirit Groups 2023

Inspiring Spiritual Growth and Abundant Living
February 6 through early April, 2023


Copies will be available for purchase

featuring the book
Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times
powerful tools to cultivate calm, clarity, and courage
by Philip Goldberg

This concise and lucid book… points the way to the fortress of peace within ourselves  —DEEPAK CHOPRA

Do you feel torn between staying informed and staying sane? Too stressed out to meditate? Too anxious to pray or roll out your yoga mat?

The truth is, when the world gets chaotic and confounding, we need spiritual practice more than ever. That’s when our souls need sustenance.That’s when we need to recharge and ground ourselves to take on the challenge.

Spiritual teacher and author Phil Goldberg shares some powerful tools to help us keep our cool in this crazy time, by finding ways to access our inner world and inner resources through yoga, deep meditation to cognitive reframing to “spiritual time management,” along with detailed guidelines for creating a spiritual routine that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Purchase Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times
from our Unity Albany Bookstore (buy on Sunday morning or call the office to pick up – 518-453-3603)
or purchase on Amazon


Susanne Anderson’s Friday 2-3:30 group will meet in person at Unity Church. All other groups are held via Zoom and will be approximately 90 minutes in length. Program runs for eight to ten weeks, beginning week of February 6 through early April.

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  1. We (Deanne McNamara and John Trevvett) signed up for the in-person group on Fridays and cannot attend. We would like to join an on-line group instead.

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