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Monday Book Study

Join like-minded Unity Albany friends as we discuss books by popular and not so well-known Unity authors. A regular rotation of Unity Albany Truth students will facilitate this study group as we explore works by the Fillmores, Eric Butterworth, Jim Rosemergy, H. Emelie Cady and others. Bring your openness to Truth and love for your fellow seekers each Monday evening at 7:00 PM, currently meeting online via Zoom. Zoom link is published in Unity of Albany email Newsletters.

Currently Reading

Discover the Power within You by Eric Butterworth

In this 40th anniversary edition of Eric Butterworth’s inspiring tour de force, the author shares the greatest discovery of all time: the ability to see the divine within us all. Jesus saw this divine dimension in every human being, and Butterworth reveals this hidden and untapped resource to be a source of limitless abundance. Exploring this “depth potential,” Butterworth outlines ways in which we can release the power locked within us for better health, greater confidence, increased success, and inspired openness to let our “light shine” forth for others.

This book changed my perspective on life and religion. Eric Butterworth teaches that God isn’t ‘up there.’ He exists inside each one of us, and it’s up to us to seek the divine within.”

    -Oprah Winfrey

A wonderful book…truly a life-changer, as many readers know. This book really does release the power within us all.”

-Norman Vincent Peale



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