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Monday Book Study

Join like-minded Unity Albany friends as we discuss books by popular and not so well-known Unity authors. A regular rotation of Unity Albany Truth students will facilitate this study group as we explore works by the Fillmores, Eric Butterworth, Jim Rosemergy, H. Emelie Cady and others. Bring your openness to Truth and love for your fellow seekers each Monday evening at 7:00 PM, currently meeting online via Zoom. Zoom link is published in Unity of Albany email Newsletters.

Currently Reading

Divine AudacityDivine Audacity by Linda Martella-Whitsett

Generations of New Thought and New Age practitioners and their communities have leaned toward teaching the divinity of humanity.  Are you with me in knowing that the world cannot wait any longer for us to claim our divine genetics?  No longer is it enough for us to believe in a powerful deity; we must embody divine power if we are to be the light of the world. Through Divine Audacity, Linda Martella-Whitsett strives to inspire the kinds of bold thought and action natural to our infinite, divine, highest-consciousness self.

Divine Audacity is a warm, accessible, down to earth approach to – dare we say it again – being the Light of the World! Through prose, story, and practices, Linda’s approach benefits the beginner and life-long ‘spiritual seeker’ to realize their innate Divine Identity.” –Paul Hasselbeck, Unity Institute


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