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Joe Uveges in Concert

We’re delighted to welcome back the wonderfully talented singer and songwriter Joe Uveges this weekend, beginning with a Friday evening concert!

Joe will also provide a message-in-music for our Sunday morning service on June 9.

Advance: $20  Door: $25

Joe Uveges has meandered a path of small town minstrel on Colorado’s front range for more than 34 years now. Raised a farm kid in Schoharie, New York, pummeled by liberal academics at Union College and Catholic University, a grizzled veteran of bar bands and coffeehouses, he should be a burned out skeleton of a man playing Allman Brother covers, tipping lukewarm Coors from a can, and lamenting broken marriages and illegitimate kids.  He is not.

Instead, 32 years into his first and only marriage he has been touring the country promoting his last 7 CDs: “One Down, Own Across” (2002)  “Promise of Portage” (2004), “Up Please” (2005) (with Jim Sokol and Phil Volan), “When Freedom Calls (2007), “Joe Uveges: Just for Grins” (2007), “Driving” (2008) with Susan Rissman and KJ Braithwaite, and “When the Smoke Clears”(2011) with Stephanie Pauline.   Both “One Down” and “Portage” won “Best of” awards in their respective years for the Pikes Peak region and Joe was recently fan choice for  “Best Solo Musician” in the Pikes Peak region in both 2011 and 2012.  His 2014 video “Start with I Love You” with daughter Katie Uveges captured the “Best Video to Touch the Heart” in the Colorado Springs Gazette contest.

For the last 15 plus years he has played 120 to 140+ shows a year from coast to coast.  A consummate veteran of coffeehouses and concerts of every type, Joe weaves a performer’s magic in numerous settings with grace and humor. “Singing, playing, telling stories and making the crowd feel alive with emotion and delighted with humor.  Not many performers capture it all, but this guy does every time.” Annie DeGeorge Classic Homes Concert Promotions.  Joe also has performed in numerous churches from a wide variety of denominations. “Joe Uveges is not only a warm, wise and witty musician, but also a gifted, gritty and grace-filled storyteller and theologian!  Truly uplifting, engaging, inspiring .. . . worship music at its best! The Rev. Dr. Mary E. Westfall, Pastor  The Community Church of Durham, New Hampshire.   “Joe Uveges’ song “Receive Who You Are,” expresses a profound understanding of what the Eucharist means which goes back to the New Testament and, indeed, to St. Augustine. We use this song as a communion song regularly.” Fr. Peter Chepaitis, OFM (Albany, NY)

Joe has written well over 1200 songs, some of which are, quite honestly, tripe; however, his prolific abilities have allowed him to hone the skill of “On Stage Songwriting” to a fine art.  There are few things more engaging than watching a four year old self-consciously stare, then grin, then hide their face in their mother’s skirts as they realize their every move is being broadcast live- in rhyme- to a crowd of 300. Capturing his fun-loving style is the You-Tube of the “Librarian Song”.  It has had more than 140,000 hits on 2 different sites and is currently traveling the internet world  from the U.S. Library of Congress to Hungary, China and Vietnam: “Funny song. I am Vietnamese librarian and I like.”

Joe resides in Colorado Springs with his incomparably brilliant wife, Kristen.  They have 2 children, Katie (CS) and Andrew (deceased May of 2016)


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