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1st Sunday of Advent – Morning Service

Join Rev. Brigid for her first official service as our Senior Minister on this, the first Sunday of the Advent/Christmas season, traditionally understood to be the beginning of a new church year!
It’s a wonderful day of new beginnings for Unity Church in Albany!

The theme for the first Sunday of Advent is Hope and Faith.

The Daily Word sets the tone for our 10:00 am service:

Hope and Faith

This Advent, my hope leads me to unwavering faith in God.

My belief in goodness—of the world, others, myself, and God—begins with hope. Maybe hope is all I can muster after a period of doubt or disappointment. As I feel hopeful, I begin to believe that new possibilities and better outcomes are available to me.

My hopeful feelings lead to faith, a certainty that the goodness I could only sense before is the actual nature of life. With faith, I now direct my thoughts toward goodness, wholeness, and my heart’s desires.

With gratitude for my awakening, I use faith to dismantle doubt and limitation. I hold only the best thoughts for myself.

I know and feel in the depths of my soul that the good I desire is already mine. With unwavering faith and deep gratitude, I claim it now.

For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him. —Psalm 62:5

Please join us in person or online* as we begin our celebration of the Season of Light!

* https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxof7AFtJ6Hs6yVh6mg7CAA

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  1. Congratulations Bridget! Love your advent story and message of hope. May you continue to be an instrument Hope and love to your community, near and far. I was planning to be with you in person, but my hip pain had other plans. Maybe in the future.

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