OneSong Service
with Guest Musicians: Joy Adler & the Souls of Evolution

Singer, songwriter and sound healer Joy Adler will bring her band, The Souls of Evolution, to Unity Church in Albany for an evening of Music for Healing including kirtan chant and “Spirit through sound” on Sunday, November 5 at 6:00 pm. This will be a special edition of Unity’s weekly “OneSong” Multi-Faith Music Service.

Joy Adler, is a Sound Healer, Holistic Counselor, and Educator. She is the Department Head of the Advanced Studies Program at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, as well as the Mentor of the Wellness team and Student Advisor at The Center for Natural Wellness, Albany.

With the Souls of Evolution, Joy has brought together a group of exceptionally intuitive master musicians including, Mick Murdick, Julia Alsarraf, Brian Melick. and musical director, Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius. Together they weave a musical template of healing potentiality, and welcome special guest musicians, Pete Furlong and Roger Mock at Unity.

“Joy is gifted with the ability to channel blazing light and power through her voice that touches the root of your soul and calls it forth”.  -Patricia White Buffalo

Admission to this event is free. Love offerings are gratefully accepted.